Wedding Tuxedos – There’s no “I Do” Without Them by Rita Welldon

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It’s been said, on and on for some time now, that girls dream and daydream about this day ever since they find out about it. They imagine the details, the location, the partner, the music, the works.

Do men think about their wedding and if so, what of it? Maybe the ceremony in itself is not what counts. Maybe the important thing is the very act of making a lifelong commitment. Nonetheless, the wedding ritual as we have come to know it today is an extremely beautiful and entertaining event. Men should at least think about looking their best and thus wear a wedding tuxedo.

They say few things are as sexy as a man in uniform but what can really be more attractive than an impeccable man in formal attire? Wedding tuxedos must be the only clothing item that can dress any personality, no matter how pretentious or outgoing. Have you seen Robert Downey Jr. at the Golden Globes? He was wearing a tuxedo with no tie. What do you think about this look?

Personally, I’m not crazy about the trend of wearing a tux without a tie. Although Downey Jr. certainly has his own very unique style, in my opinion, even he can’t necessarily pull this look off. A tuxedo is not a causual item of clothing, and there’s no need to make it casual, because when you try to do that, you end up in an in-between kind of place, where you’re neither elegant nor casual, and as far as I’m concerned, a fashion in-between is never a good place to be!

Whether you play the role of the lucky groom, the honorable best man, the nostalgic father, a close friend of the soon to be family or just a guest – one thing is for sure – you can never go wrong by opting for a wedding tuxedo.

A classy affair or an intimate close friends & family type of venue, a once in a lifetime extravaganza or a quiet spiritual ceremony, an unexpected decision or a natural, inevitable stage in a relationship, a wedding can be so many things. The one thing they have in common for men is the wedding tuxedo with which one can never go wrong by wearing.

Wedding tuxedos are actually a statement. If the way we dress is really a code, symbols put together that illustrate who we are and how we feel, then wedding tuxedos are just that – a non verbal way of saying you understand the importance of the event you are attending and are doing your best. Even if you do not play one of the leading roles, opting for a wedding tuxedo is the best way you can give this type of event the credit it deserves. The union between two people should be nothing less of a big deal. Even if the style the newlyweds choose is a simple and friendly one, a relaxed and unpretentious venue, a man in a wedding tuxedo is himself a symbol. One of respect for everything the ceremony stands for.

There are moments when words are not enough so any other way one finds to communicate their feelings is a must. Through gestures, music, clothing people constantly speak. Wedding tuxedos not only make you look fantastic but they say the right things too. Adding a little more to your personality, a wedding tuxedo is the boost you need, the one that says ‘I understand and respect what we are celebrating here’. As a matter of fact few things say so much with so little means. Wedding tuxedos are as easy and short as saying ‘I do’.


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