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Wedding Vows are very crucial at your marriage ceremony. The main ceremonial task at your wedding is: “promising your lady/man to be with him or her throughout life.” Now there are plenty vows available which sound very good even trend setters like witty wedding vows, romantic wedding vows are there. The romantic essence also makes it a poetic concept rather than a crucial step into married life.

And it has become a type of literature.

Do we know the proper significance of wedding vows? This article will help you to look sincerely towards this ritual.

It is the most important ritual of the ceremony where you and your better half are going to accept each other in front of your friends, colleagues, church (father).

Marriage is the traditional system. Our ancestors have taught this to us. By following this order and method of promising vows, we boost our traditional approach in the system.

Social acceptance:
By saying vows in front of society we do prove our social way of life and the importance of society to us. By having them as the honored guests at such an occasion and promising in front of them prove our respect towards society. And by doing so, you take their permission to live a life together as husband and wife.

Religion is the way of your living, principles, beliefs, and morality. Your wedding vows show that you obey religion and connect with the rest. The sacred occasion, a holy priest beside you when saying your wedding vows shows your sincerity and purity towards the relationship.

This ritual of promising (wedding vows) permits you legal entry in the marital world. It is taken as the evidence of your unity forever. By saying your vows, you confirm your devotion legally.
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