What You Need To Know About Wedding DJs — The Pros And Cons by Robin Branson

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A common question often asked by couples who are getting married is “Should I get a DJ or a band for my wedding reception?” I know this is a very common concern because lousy entertainment can turn your reception into a disaster. Therefore, I’ll help you out a little by sharing with you the pros and cons of hiring a wedding DJ for your wedding reception.

The Pros

A DJ would normally have thousands of songs in his/her music library and can easily cater to the needs of your reception. Whether you want to dance to an upbeat dance number or listen to a romantic ballad, a DJ can definitely whip something up for you. A professional wedding DJ can easily play almost any song requested by your friends and family.

DJs also do not need to stop the music to take breaks, unlike bands. This allows everyone to enjoy a constant flow of music and dance whenever they want. However, a good DJ should be able to choose the right music for the moment and switch the songs smoothly and quickly.

I’m sure every couple has a special song. It’s the song that they both love and dance together to. A wedding DJ can play that very song for you on your first dance. And what better way to listen to “your” song than to have it sung by the artist that made the song so special to you and your significant other.

The Cons

Some DJs especially inexperienced ones may end up boring your guests instead of pumping them up. Many DJs have their own routines when they perform. However, a good DJ must be able to improvise and be versatile to set the right mood for the wedding reception. To prevent hiring a boring DJ, make sure you talk to your wedding DJ candidates and gauge their personalities and styles.

If you’ve got a somewhat small venue, you should inform your DJ and discuss about it so that your DJ doesn’t bring too much equipment. Some wedding DJs bring many high powered speakers which could bring the roof down. So if you don’t want the music to be too loud, tell your DJ in advance.

There you have it; the pros and cons of hiring a DJ for your wedding reception. Before you hire anybody, make sure you interview them so you can decide if they are right for your reception. It’s also a good idea to watch them play at another event before you decide.



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