Which Style of Music Should I Play at My Wedding Reception?

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When it comes to planning a wedding, there are hundreds of different decisions to make, ranging from the small, seemingly inconsequential ones to the major ones that will potentially have a huge impact on how enjoyable the occasion is for the couple, the families and their guests.
Choosing the right type of musical entertainment certainly falls into the latter category, as the genre of the songs played can either make for a wild, fun occasion, or alternatively something more subdued and sophisticated, depending on your choice.
Although many people spend time thinking about whether to book a singer or a band – or instead simply hire a DJ for the night – the style of music that you choose for your wedding is perhaps even more important; if you manage to pick out the right style of music, all the other decisions regarding your choice of musical entertainment will be much easier.
The first thing to consider is whether or not you would like the music at your celebrations to reflect your religion or your ethnicity. This can be important for those with strong religious beliefs or cultural traditions when it comes to marriage, as music plays a central part in celebrating the religious nature or traditional nature of such a ceremony.
In these cases, you could look for a band or singer for hire that can provide you with music throughout the ceremony itself, and then go onto perform some live pieces during the wedding reception or celebrations afterwards.
If your ceremony and your reception are fairly long, performing live may not be a possibility for just one band or singer, and you may need to research and find more than one group to provide you with musical entertainment throughout the whole day. Consider hiring separate musicians for your ceremony and for your wedding reception in this case.
If you are not bound by tradition or would not like your entertainment to follow a religious theme, this opens up a range of other options to you when choosing a band or a singer for hire for your wedding. In this case, many experts recommend matching your music to something else personal about you, such as your tastes and your personality.
One of the dilemmas that many soon-to-be-wedded couples face is whether or not they should try to please their guests or try to please themselves when it comes to selecting a style of wedding music. The answer is that it is possible to do both with a little bit of communication with the band or the singer that you decide to hire.
First of all, aim to make a shortlist of music that both you and your partner are likely to enjoy at your wedding celebrations. You may be a fan of country music or swing music, or pop music or rock music. Although these genres may not be the first choices of your guests, there is still plenty you can do to make your chosen style work for your guests too.
After making a shortlist of genres, it is then time to search for some musicians or a singer for hire who offer a type of music that falls into one or a couple of these categories. The trick is to choose an experienced performer, and therefore one who is likely to be in tune with the tastes of your guests.
This individual will then be able to explain to you exactly which of their repertoire goes down well with guests, regardless of their taste in music. Suffice to say, even more “acquired taste” genres such as country music or 80s music all have classic songs that go down well with virtually anyone. You should then be able to tailor a set list of music to suit popular tastes and yours too.
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